Jackson, MO and I-55 Business Development

Economic Growth and a Trained Workforce

Known as the City of beautiful homes, parks, schools and churches, Jackson, Missouri continues to be the fastest growing community in Southeast Missouri with a population of more than 15,000 residents. With that population growth comes robust business development opportunities to support the retail, manufacturing, technology, service, transportation and logistics industries and many more business sectors that rely on an able workforce and increased traffic.







A Thriving Regional Economy

City of Jackson leadership and committed partners, such as the Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce, are focused on successful and beneficial public-private partnerships and site opportunities to fuel additional business development to support our consistent population growth.

We help bring job creators to the Jackson area. We are pivotal partners in helping businesses expand.
Let us help you build something great.

This site is positioned to serve as a starting point to your economic development research. Let’s start a confidential conversation. Let’s dig in to find the right design-build location or existing infrastructure with the right technology and a workforce ready to jump. Whether you are retail looking for Uptown Jackson opportunities, a C-store truck stop brand needing high traffic with easy on/off interstate access, or a manufacturing corporation ready to find your next location, you will find opportunity here.

Site opportunities with enhanced utility and technology infrastructure

Committed leadership ready to assist in your development success

Workforce draw from 60-mile radius

Logistical excellence with interstate, railway, waterway and air

Area population draw of 300,000 for work and play

Sales tax growth of 39% in the last 5 years

Washington D.C.-based tax foundation, a fiscally conservative think tank critical of tax increases and high taxation, ranks Missouri 10th in the nation for attractive taxation rates for new businesses. Overall, Missouri leads neighboring states in terms of tax “attractiveness.” Missouri is #1 for on-the-job training and Missouri is top 10 for site selection. Missouri is 3rd in the nation for apprenticeships.



We endeavor to consistently partner with area municipalities, chambers of commerce, elected officials and economic development organizations to successfully develop workforce initiatives to support our industrial, manufacturing, healthcare, higher education and retail/service organizations with ready workforce.

In addition, Jackson, MO, is uniquely positioned to have interstate, railway, water and air transportation capabilities in our immediate service area, with quick access to large markets of St. Louis, Memphis, Kansas City, Nashville and Little Rock, to name a few.

“It’s about consistency and innovative thinking. It’s about good partnerships of respect and understanding. It’s about technology and positioning our businesses for success. That’s the focused commitment of the Jackson leadership.”
Dwain Hahs, Jackson Mayor

“I relocated my facilities here because of the commitment of the economic development leadership to ensure our success. It was very clear they wanted us to be here. And once we got here, they continue to ensure we have access to elected officials and government initiatives, check in on our workforce needs, and support our expansion efforts. In addition, our business covers the country so the location for shipping and distribution through the Midwest to the coastal states and into Canada is perfectly positioned for our transit needs. The area is vibrant in its amenities, yet small enough you won’t get lost in the economic shuffle.”

Tim Gutwein, CEO, AgXplore

“I strongly support the Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce’s Retail Recruitment Program. They have done a great job staying diligent on recruiting new retail businesses to Jackson, Missouri. The Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce has a strong track record of administering strong programming and I trust they will continue to recruit more retail businesses to the Jackson area.”

Matt Huber, Territory Manager, Liberty Utilities

Jackson Area

Chamber of Commerce

Exceeding annual growth every year since

With an annual membership retention of 90-95% and recognized as Missouri’s Chamber of the Year in 2017, The Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce understands business partnerships, out-of-the-box collaborative thinking, and consistent exposure to member businesses.

Member businesses represent the entire region with more than 500 members. In 2022, the Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce received a Business Retention and Expansion Award for successful work in the industrial and manufacturing industry, and the Award of Excellence from the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Missouri for the Women’s Impact Network program. In addition, Chamber staff have been appointed to serve an many state boards.

Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce Celebrates 100 Years in 2022

Watch the celebration here.

Jackson Industrial Development Company (JIDC)

The Jackson Industrial Development Company (JIDC) was formed in April of 1962 for the purpose of recruiting and retaining industrial businesses in Jackson. The JIDC also works with area organizations, such as the Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce and SEMO Redi, to provide optimum and competitive technology, manufacturing and industrial environments.